The Internet is a treasure trove of information for the budding comic book self-publisher. It seems that everywhere you go, you can find ten "how-to" articles explaining how to succeed in self-publishing in Five Easy Steps.

LESSONS LEARNED is not one of those columns.

Self-publishing is a difficult business. There are no shortcuts to success, and the truth is that it takes a lot of hard work. More than you can believe. This is my story, detailing my journey over the insurmountable hurdles of self-publishing. Making the dream happen.

Inspired by a "get off the pot" comment from Larry Young, LESSONS LEARNED appeared every Monday at the Isotope Virtual Lounge for twenty consecutive weeks.

LESSON ONE - Statement of Intent, and I reveal the One Great Secret of successful self-publishing.
LESSON TWO - Why you should pay close attention at the print shop.
LESSON THREE - Dealing with devastating reviews.
LESSON FOUR - The fun, happy joy of budgeting.
LESSON FIVE - The first thing you do is kill the lawyer.
LESSON SIX - Coming up with a marketing plan.
LESSON SEVEN - Channeling Ed Wood.
LESSON EIGHT - Regaining control.
LESSON NINE - The cover arrives.
LESSON TEN - Convention preparations.
LESSON ELEVEN - APE 2004 I - Before the Aftermath.
LESSON TWELVE - APE 2004 II - The Aftermath.
LESSON THIRTEEN - Dealing with distributors.
LESSON FOURTEEN - Shipping problems.
LESSON FIFTEEN - Self-distribution, and the quickest route to failure.
LESSON SIXTEEN - Moving forward.
LESSON SEVENTEEN - Self-production.
LESSON EIGHTEEN - A second chance at redemption.
LESSON NINETEEN - Hitting the streets.
LESSON TWENTY - The final lesson.